Welcome! I’m Mandy, and travel is my passion. I’ve worked in leadership and training roles in the travel and cruise industry in various capacities for well over a decade. The travel industry is what I know and love, and is in my veins! Working in travel has allowed me to experience things in life I never thought possible. I’ve been fortunate enough to cruise the Caribbean islands in its entirety, wander through Alaska’s wilderness, explore Europe like a local and meet the most incredible souls along the way! From colleagues, former students, fellow travel buddies, and mentors who helped to guide my path, I consider all of these beautiful souls lifelong friends. 

There are many things that I love about going to new places. Meeting new people, exploring new cultures, changing perspectives and enjoying mind-opening experiences to name a few. Through this blog, my hope is to show others that they can achieve these experiences too! You have one life. Life is too short not to discover more about our diverse, beautiful world. 

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