Hi moms! Let’s address the “Mom-cation”

You’ve heard about it in yoga class, on social media, or from bestseller books like, “Girl ,Wash Your Face” and “You’re a Badass”- the concept of self-care consistently calls out to us. As a full time working mom, travel blogger, and military spouse, the idea of self-care is something I struggle with. This stuff takes time. I rarely have time to apply makeup, do my hair properly, or basically anything!

The struggle is real and initially starts with guilt. Let’s start with the judgments. You know the comments: “You’re going away without your kids?” WHAT? Last I checked, my husband is perfectly capable of taking on the household for a weekend. Why are we not supporting each other in our efforts to improve ourselves, which ultimately benefits our families?

I do understand though. Like most moms, I’m the CEO of my household. Things can get craazzzzy when I’m gone. But, everyone survives! The truth is the kids probably liked eating easy foods like hot dogs or peanut butter and jelly for a change.

Are you a “yes” girl like me? I have a difficult time saying no to my friends, community, and volunteering. When I take a break, it’s usually with a glass of wine while making dinner or running a bath (which was originally meant for myself, but my toddler asks to join me). I know there’s nothing uncommon about this scenario. I do have a feeling most of you are like me to a certain degree. Balancing family, friends, work, and a social life- is just HARD. Don’t get me wrong. I love my kids. I love, love, love being a mom. But sometimes I just crave the desert sun, a soft and cushioned pool chair and a cold, salty margarita in absolute silence.

Poolside at the Venetian Hotel | Las Vegas, Nevada | Las Vegas Strip

Did you know, according to the U.S. Travel Association survey more than half of all parents say they don’t get away together without the kids? The National Travel and Tourism Week theme for 2019 is “Travel Matters” and I could not agree more. Travel enriches lives, strengthens economies, creates jobs, supports communities, and best of all: rejuvenates the human within.

“Mom-cations” are legit. When I come home from a weekend girls trip, it’s like pieces of my humanness are brought back to life. Although, even when I’m on a “Mom-cation”, I check-in via Face-time, texting, etc. and it’s so nice to hear that everyone is still surviving!

No matter what you choose, remember who you are. If you can’t afford a week or a long weekend (sometimes I absolutely can’t) find the time to find YOU again! To my tribe of mom friends: let’s support each other in our journey of motherhood, so that we can give the best of ourselves to those around us.

P.S. I do love my sweet kiddos and traveling with ALL of them!