You’ve seen those amazing travel Instagram accounts that have the most beautiful pictures of far-off travels from across the globe and hit the heart button because you can’t help but admire their travels. Well, I’m the same and wish I could explore the world like those infamous IG influencers with the picture-perfect snaps. If I could travel the world taking such beautiful photos and having the most amazing experiences ever, this is what you’d see on my Instagram feed:

1.      Riding the Famous Swing in Bali, Indonesia

While swinging over the abyss sounds scary, doing it for the ‘Gram is so worth it! The famous swing in Bali sits over the edge above a valley that features amazing views of the jungle, canyon and a waterfall.

2.      Sit Poolside at the Hanging Gardens Of Bali

It doesn’t get any more spectacular than the Hanging Gardens of Bali! The hotel has one of the best pools in the world and any IG influencer who loves travel has snapped a shot poolside here.  Ordering the floating breakfast is a dream come true. It’s an IG story dream come true to experience it!

Photo Credit: Hanging Gardens Resort

3. Seven Magic Mountain In Las Vegas

Photo Credit: Seven Magic Mountain

Vegas is a quirky place! When wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the city of lights, head about 10 miles South of Las Vegas Boulevard to capture these oddly placed painted rocks by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone. My advice is to go early in the morning at sunrise for the best IG photos. By the time you’re ready to leave the artistic sight, you’ll start seeing the tours of people come in. Admission is free. There’s no restrooms or snacks available, so be to sure to come prepared. 

4.      Backpack Machu Picchu

Peru’s Machu Picchu ruins are breathtaking and a visit to them needs to be done at least once in a lifetime. Backpacking all the way up there is a dream come true for any traveler and the beauty will make fans hit “like” a thousand times over if you can snap it for your IG account!

5. Cave Trek in Iceland

Being able to visit Iceland is on my ultimate travel bucket list. As one of the top National Park sites in the world, the beauty you find there is unbelievable! Snapping the adventure for the gram not only proves you’re a globetrotter, but also provides tangible memories to keep and treasure.

6. Explore the Narrows at Zion National Park 

Hiking is a favorite past time for most, and I will admit that I’m a little intimidated by the idea of hiking narrow, steep terrain. I’m in pretty good shape, but not mountaineering shape! However, the pictures I see of Zion National Park take my breath away.  Hiking through the Narrows is on my IG list because the the way the sun shines through the rocks while wading through the water looks incredible. I’ll let you all know soon if I get brave enough to do this! 

7.      Pose with Penguins in South Africa

Animal pictures are always fan favorites and every IG traveler also has a few pics with animals. Posing with penguins in South Africa would be one of my favorite experiences ever and I’d be tempted to snatch one up and bring one back home with me! Have you ever seen penguins on a beach like this? 

8.      Kayak Next to Whales in San Juan Islands

This is so close to my hometown, so I’m not sure why I haven’t done this yet. Can you imagine the thrill of being able to kayak next to whales?! I can’t and that feeling must be one of the best in the world (not to mention one of the best pictures ever). 

9.    Catch the Cool Blue Colors of Greece

Anywhere you go in Greece is an adventure of a lifetime and beyond beautiful! My goal is to one day catch a beautiful sunset over the Island’s blue waters. Santorini is on everyone’s IG list, but I will settle for pretty much any cove of clear blue Grecian water! 

10. Vegas with Love Sign

Photo Credit: Venetian Las Vegas Hotel

OK, so I might be going to Vegas soon! Yes, I want to be the typical tourist (just once) and take a photo by with the LOVE sign at the Venetian. I know it’s simple, but sometimes simple is good too! There’s so many great Instagram spots at the Venetian and Palazzo. From the Pop Rock ice-cream cones, to the Gondola rides and beautiful poolside retreats, these properties are a must for a hotel stay in the city of lights! 


What are your Instagram Bucket List photos?!