Las Vegas Travel Guide

When I first considered going to Las Vegas for an adult-only summer trip, I was a little hesitant to commit. I hate losing hard earned money and admittedly have anxiety when it comes to lines and obnoxious crowds. However, I found an extremely affordable option using one of my favorite vacation suppliers, FunJet Vacations. FunJet packaged together 2 non-stop flights on Alaska Air with a suite at the Venetian for 5 nights, for a total of $799.00. It was such a great deal, I had to reconsider my anxieties. FunJet also has knowledgeable agents, competitive prices, and promos such as complimentary breakfast and suite upgrades. These additional perks made it hard for me to decline.

Here’s a list of things I recommend doing in Vegas, with a few personal tips that will hopefully help to make your vacation relaxing too! Cheers!

1. Stay During the Week

Pro Tip: If you can manage to take time off during the work week to visit Las Vegas, I highly recommend it! On weekdays hotel rates will be lower, crowds are minimal, and seats for popular Las Vegas shows are  readily available to reserve. Shows run on scheduled nights, so be sure to check out the time schedule and plan accordingly.

For example, Zumanity does not run on Wednesday and Thursday, so we booked for Tuesday and scored front row seats. Also, popular DJs play on the weekends at nightclubs, and pool parties usually happen on the weekend; for us that was a non-factor. We visited Tao Beach club on a weekday when day beds that normally run $350 on a weekend were cut to a $100 food and beverage minimum. A chill music vibe resonated throughout the venue, and I had the most relaxing time in the beautiful oasis at Tao Beach. Best of all: we saved money!!!! The pools are also less crowded on weekdays, and I never had trouble finding a lounge chair! I live for the pool.

2. Choose Your Hotel Wisely

Photo Credit: Maryhill Winery

This is where the saying “location, location, location” really rings true. Choose a hotel that’s centrally located on the Las Vegas strip. There are several price points in Las Vegas when it comes to hotels. You can stay in Vegas for as low as $29 per night, but remember – you get what you pay for. We chose the Venetian for the best room value, beautiful pools, and central location. The Venetian and its sister hotel, Palazzo are all-suite properties and best known for having some of the most luxurious and largest suites on the strip (650-750sq ft. for a regular room) at reasonable price points. Two other great properties I recommend are the elegantly classy Wynn and Encore! They’re just are a short walk from the Venetian and Palazzo, have beautiful rooms, and offer top notch service and amenities.

3. Go Explore in the Desert!

As exciting and fascinating as the strip is, there are many sights to see outside of Vegas. We found this free artistic sight of towering colorful boulders called the Seven Magic Mountains. The quirky artwork is on display for a limited time, and we were so happy to have found it! Again, there is no fee to visit.

Pro Tip: I recommend going during the sunrise… if you can get up in time! I should’ve taken my own advice for this one.

Red Rock Canyon and the Valley of Fire are also great options to explore. We choose the Valley of Fire, but didn’t quite plan ahead. Be sure to go on the park’s website prior to driving out to the park…yes, another piece of my own advice that we didn’t do. The main attractions were closed due to road maintenance… face palm.

Seven Magic Mountains
Walking in the sand at Valley of Fire. Remember to check for park road closures!

4. Eat Like a Local

I used to live in Vegas, so this topic comes pretty natural to me. One of my favorite places to eat is Batista’s Hole in the Wall! The restaurant is located conveniently located near Linq Lane, formerly know as Audrie Street. I HIGHLY recommend this delicious, authentic, family-owned Italian eatery to everyone I know. The prices are reasonable, you get unlimited wine (red or white), salad, bread, main course, and after dinner coffee for anywhere from $25.00- $40.00 per person. A special accordion player will even come to your table to play for you!

You should also check out Tacos El Buen Pastor for the most delicious and eclectic food truck tacos on the planet! Lastly, head to downtown Las Vegas and go to the famous Oscar’s Steakhouse for their happy hour. Oscar’s is owned by a previous city mayor, and mob attorney. All appetizers and drinks are half priced, and drinks are affordable! Next time, I would love to have a full dinner here at Oscar’s.

5. Visit a Las Vegas Museum!

I cannot stop talking about the Neon Museum. If you want to walk down memory lane remembering the old hotels of yesteryear that lit up the Las Vegas strip, this is a special place to see them! Admittedly, the first time I heard about the Neon Museum was on the show “The Bachelorette.” I only watch the show for the exotic travel locations. Just kidding. I love the show. Moving on… we had a great time visiting the Neon Museum! I highly recommend it. I really enjoyed seeing The Stardust, Frontier, and La Concha retired signs. Don’t forget to take your photo in front of the Love sign!

I truly had such a great time here!

Another interesting and interactive  museum recommendation is to visit the authentic and historical Mob Museum. We did not have time to go, but I would love to experience this next time. They even have an speakeasy bar downstairs!

6. See Las Vegas from the Sky

Pro Tip: The best way to see the beauty of the Las Vegas skyline is up high! If booking a helicopter tour isn’t in your budget, there are several other ways to admire the city. My favorite is via the Linq High Roller. Go during happy hour and enjoy an open bar in the sky! You won’t regret it! The views are amazing.

View from top of Paris Observation Deck

Another great observation point is from the top of the Eiffel Tower at The Paris Resort. The tower is a high scale replica of the real thing! We did both sights our first night, since they were a quick cab ride next to each another. We probably could’ve walked, but my feet were killing me.

View of the LINQ High Roller

7. Enjoy the Vegas Lounge Life

There’s so many great places in Vegas to enjoy a cocktail besides the typical hotel bar or tourist trap. Our favorite thing to do is what we call “Lounge Hopping.” We visited bars like The Dorsey, a stunning dimly lit lounge, surrounded by towers of books and a beautiful electric fire backdrop that took up the entire back wall! Drinks were incredibly concocted. I ordered the famous Pain Killer that was recommended by the New York Times. Another swanky, romantic lounge we enjoyed was Rosina at the Palazzo. Couples sat in luxurious leather chairs, curtained away from the next table, with beautiful chandeliers towering above.

View from Hyde Lounge at Bellagio

Pro Tip: If you want to watch the Bellagio fountain show while enjoying a drink, I recommend the lounge at Hyde. During the weekday tables were not reserved, and couples were enjoying the best views of the fountains with cocktails in hand. The prices tend to be high here so we limited ourselves to one drink and watched the beautiful show!

Gorgeous lounge at Rosina at Palazzo

8. Eat More Sweets!

Last, some of the best desserts are prepared in Las Vegas. My favorite was the spiked Crazy Shake from Black Tap. Hurry and eat it before it melts! If ice cream isn’t your thing, check out Carlo’s Bakery (also at the Venetian) for a delectable cookie, fancy desert, or beautiful cupcake. For an extra quick bite, visit the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM near the entrance of the Linq!

I hope you have a wonderful time on your next trip to Las Vegas. I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but I actually can’t wait to go again! In the meantime, I’ll be right here in my mind, relaxing in a beautiful garden of an oasis!