Seattle may be known for its gloomy days, but when summer hits, you’d be surprised at how beautiful the city is! Summer in Seattle is wonderful and you seem to appreciate it more given the majority of days are overcast. Here are a few of my absolute favorite things to do in the summer while in Seattle! (Yes, I plan on knocking all of these off on my list)

1. Relax at the Four Seasons Rooftop Pool

Summer and pools are synonymous with each other and to enjoy the summer vibes, I like to head over to the Four Seasons rooftop pool on some of the hottest days in Seattle. Not only is it relaxing as I get to drink rose and take a dip in the cool waters, but it also provides amazing views of the city!

2. Paddle at Alki Beach

Alki feels like a small beach town as this beach is actually part of a peninsular neighborhood just west of Seattle. It has great views of Puget Sound and the infamous Seattle skyline. Paddling here is a great way to get in some exercise while enjoying the amazing views! The only downside is that it can get crowded when it’s really nice out, so be sure to get there early to avoid the crowds!

4. Take in a Mariners Game at Safeco Field

Baseball is the perfect summer sport, so even if you don’t care for baseball, you need to head up a Mariners game just for the experience. Go with your favorite pals and even though the game might not be as exciting, you’ll be in great company.

4. Drink on a Freemont Brew Cruise

Summer drinking is always the most fun! Maybe it’s because you know it’s summer and the weather is great out or maybe it’s just in my head. Whatever it is, an amazing Seattle day calls for a drink on a Freemont Brew Cruise! There’s nothing like being on a boat, listening to good vibes and having a drink, which is exactly what you get when doing a Brew Cruise.

5. Watch Hydroplanes at Seafair

Spend a beautiful Seattle afternoon watching hydroplanes on the water at Seafair, a summer festival hosted in Seattle. The world’s fastest boats are a spectacle to behold in person and watching them speed by makes a great time to spend with friends.

6. Sail on a Candere Cocktail Cruise

Photo Credit: Canadere Cruising

If you loved the Brews Cruise, then you also need to try the Candere Cocktail Cruise on Lake Union. While enjoying delicious cocktails, you’ll float by the Freemont Bridge, the Space Needle, Gas Works and more. It’s a great way to see the city of Seattle if it’s your first time! I can’t wait to do this with friends this summer!

7. Eat Street Food under the Stars
Photo Credit: Seattle Street Food Festival

If you love food trucks, and local cuisine as much as I do, be sure not to miss the many food festivals in Seattle. If you missed the Seattle Street Food Festival, don’t worry there are many other festivals going on throughout the summer months. Track your favorite truck down here!


What are your favorite things to do in your city?

I’d like to read your comments below!