I know what you might be thinking: The Panama Canal is for “older folks”. No, this is not your 3 day Bahama crowd. Yes, you’ll be sailing with a well traveled, more seasoned group of guests. Don’t let that stop you from experiencing the cruise of a lifetime. Cruising the 40 mile long, narrow canal will be one of the coolest and unique things you’ve done! Here are just some exciting Central America ports that you will see while cruising the Panama Canal on one of my favorites cruise lines: Norwegian Cruise Line:

Panama Canal, Gatun Lake

Cruise Ships in Panama Canal. Photo Credit: @ Cruise About

Common departure ports are from Miami and Tampa, and various cruise lines also cruise from West Coast L.A. Enjoy sailing through the Caribbean’s high seas, and marvel as you coast through the 12 locks of genius engineering that help make up the “wondrous Panama Canal”.

Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

Awww. Eco-tourism at it’s finest. Costa Rica is unique because tourist can enjoy the mountains, jungle, beaches and winding river ways.  Fun fact: when you dock in Costa Rica, you may see sloths slumbering lazily in the trees!

Cartagena, Columbia

Visit a colorful, walkable old walled city that tells stories of ancient pirates and folklore. Enjoy incredible harbor views from old forts, shop for silver, hand made baskets, and gorgeous emerald stones.

The colorful Cartagena. Photo Credit: @ Travel and Leisure. Com

Santo Tomas De Castilla, Guatemala

Ruins, lakes, land, rivers! Santo Tomas has it all! I love visiting Spanish forts, and this port of call is the place to do that. The views of the ruins are incredible!

Harvest Caye, Belize

Like Costa Rica, Belize is haven for eco-tourism. Again, imagine, jungles, rainforests, and cave tours. Diving is also what draws people to Belize each year. Harvest Caye will not disappoint!

One of my favorite things about Belize was cave tubing! Grab a tube, head through the caverns (headlamp provided) and wonder at the awe of nature! Water socks and gear will be provided by the tour operator that you book with.

Roatan Bay Islands, Honduras

Roatan looks just like my photo below. Like a post card. Most Panama Canal itineraries will not include Roatan as a port of call (per my long research) you need to find a unique cruise itinerary that will include part of the Caribbean side of Central America.  Norwegian Cruise Lines 13 day Cuba, Caribbean and Panama itinerary will include Roatan Bay as a port of call.

Beautiful Roatan Bay Island while in port. This is by far one of my favorite photos of Roatan that I have in my collection.

I hope that you consider booking a cruise to Central America, via the Panama Canal. If you have been lucky enough to go, please feel free to share your experiences! Happy Cruising!