1. Olympic National Park

My little nomad exploring the lush, green forest.

Does exploring tall mountain peaks, lush rain forests, and natural beaches sound tempting? Well, I may have a travel solution for you. Go to Olympic National Park. The park is often considered to be three parks in one, and will leave you in “bucket list awe”. There’s so much to do at the Olympic National Park that you may want to consider staying overnight. Camping and less primitive lodging options are available within the park. Two of my favorite places to stay are the Kalaloch Lodge, and Lake Crescent Lodge. Both are beautiful properties, and come highly recommended by locals. Backpacking, hiking, tide poling and ranger-guided programs are all activities available at the National Park.

2. Moab, Utah

The town of Moab looks like a station for exhilarating adventure. Imagine the warm sun beating on your face as you bike or jeep through steep cliffs, arches and sandstone. Mountain biking and jeep off-roading are popular choices in Moab for the active adventurist. However, yoga enthusiasts and naturists will find that Moab is also the perfect choice to disconnect and unwind.

3. Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier National Park is all about massive Mount Rainier. The beauty of the mountain’s peak on a clear day is like no other! I know because I live in the area, and have the opportunity to see the wonder of the mountain each morning (just one of the perks of living in the Pacific NW). In addition to summiting Mount Rainier, the visitor center offers educational opportunities to learn about glaciers, volcanic rock formations, and the land’s ecosystem. Some family favorites are hiking Paradise, picnicking at the Jackson Visitor Center, and admiring wildflowers at sunrise.

4. Yellowstone

 Photo by Chloe Leis on Unsplash

Yellowstone National Park is the classic National Park that every family should visit at least once. From seeing the power behind Old Faithful and driving next to a lazy Bison to spotting wolves and walking next to hot springs, there’s many reasons to enjoy Yellowstone. In addition to camping, the are several lodging options within the park. For a truly memorable experience (and up close and personal views of Old Faithful) I recommend staying at the historic Old Faithful Inn.

5. Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona was on my list for a very long time. Finally, I got to see the beauty and wonder of this park last year. The viewpoints are plentiful, and the scenery looks exactly as it does in photos. During my next visit to the National Park, I would like to see the park from a different perspective, via The Grand Canyon Railway. The train starts in a western themed town called Williams (think Route 66), and ends at the South Rim of the canyon. The Grand Canyon Railway Hotel is a perfect option for a historic stay. The hotel boasts a beautiful lobby, pool, pub and a delicious restaurant. In the morning, at the nearby depot, a wild west show is performed before boarding the train to the South Rim. Doesn’t it sound nice to have a drink, sit in a comfortable seat, visit with your family and not worry about driving?


There’s so much to see and do in the USA! What is your favorite National Park? Looking forward to hearing your comments and suggestions!