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These are a few travel packing tips that I wanted to share! Maybe you’re headed to your next girls’ trip, or flying solo… but these are things that I try to adapt into my packing ritual. I wasn’t always this organized. I’ve learned to adapt some tips from other bloggers, and friends along the way. Here is what works for me:

Let’s Pack!

Invest in a few pieces that you can mix/match and fold easily. For instance; I invest in Lily Pulitzer travel dresses, shorts and a few lightweight tops that I can mix and match. This way I know I look great, I’m not over packing, and no longer stressed with running to trips the local mall for clothing when I can be spending my time on vacation. Plus Lilly is said to be very lucky.

Accessorize with a Travel Scarf and it can completely change the look of an outfit and is considerably less than buying a new dress or blouse. A scarf works to keep you warm on the plane, and you won’t have to worry about packing a bunch of jewelry.

Passport Covers can be colorful and a fun way to show off your passportand they make it easy to spot when digging in your purse!

Convenient Carry On is essential when traveling. I use the pale pink CalPak Wandr Carry On that is easy to navigate and wheel across the airport. I purchased mine from Nordstrom, and have been very happy with it so far. The first time I used it was in Palm Springs, and my friends loved the suitcase.  Away luggage is my next piece of investment luggage that I plan on purchasing, and review for readers.


What to Pack on a Girls Trip | Mapping with Mandy

Swimwear with shower shoes is essential because you never know when you will find a pool or hot tub. Nothing is worse than buying a new bathing suit when traveling!

Fall for Flats!  Forgo stilettos and heels at the airport (unless you’re trying to impress someone special). You’ll be hauling through crowds, escalators, sky trams, running to make connections, so choose your shoes wisely. My favorite flats brand right now is made by Tieks by Gavrieli. They are an investment, but beautiful flats, and come in so many different colors! Did I mention they are comfortable?

Packing Essentials for a Girls Trip | Mapping with Mandy

Think Ahead

Emergency Kit! Be Prepared! Carry an emergency kit to your destination. Although most hotel will have some kind of sewing kit, it’s always nice to have one on hand as well. Speaking of emergency kits! Have you seen these adorable emergency cocktail kits?

Eye Mask!  Get your beauty sleep. Check out this amazing leather eye mask that I got from my from Fab Fit Fun Spring Box, made by Free People!

Earbuds for noise cancelling earbuds. I’ve used many brands, but find some good earbuds with some type of cushion in them for comfort.

Travel Sized Hygiene Products to put in your carry on or purse. Some tips included from my girl friends are gum, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, lip balm, hair ties, bobby pins, travel sized hair spray, and other beauty travel sized products that you can easily put in your bag, and you do not have to purchase again at the hotel.