Discovering Arabian Culture in Qatar witness Most people don’t think of Qatar as one of their top Gulf destinations of choice. However, if you’re еffect buy finasteride traveling to Dubai and feeling a bit adventurous, Qatar can be a good choice for an Arabian jumping off point. In fact, Qatar Airways, is one of the world’s most luxurious airlines, housed at at the world’s largest hub. Qatar is safe, hospitable, and offers a culturally enriching experience. You will enjoy a variety of international cuisine, and a very unique and rewarding vacation. Let’s go through some of my favorite parts! airport

1) Souq Waqif teach This is a must visit place in Doha. The main reason to visiting Souq Waqif is for a sense of culture of the old Middle Eastern world. The historic souq is a mesh of winding storefronts filled with a plethora of traditional garments, gold, scarves, woodworking, pearls, watches, art, local souvenirs, and handmade tapestries. Furthermore, many delicious smells from the outdoor eateries fill the souq. Some of the most delicious food Qatari cuisine is served here, from lamb cutlets, to  shawarma. One of my favorite places is to eat is on a rooftop terrace, or in a bedouin tent, combined with a flavored Shisha for a nightcap. Souq Waqif Ladies' Dance | Mapping with Mandy

2) Museum of Islamic Art

how to order dapoxetine This is by far one of the most architecturally amazing buildings I’ve seen. Built near the Corniche, a beach type promenade built around the Persian Gulf- the museum looks as though it’s rising up out of the harbor, almost like the Atlantis of the Caribbean. This was a very educational visit for me. An appreciation for Islamic art is not something I studied or knew about previously to my visit here. Many Islamic ceramics, metalwork, glass, ceramics and textiles adorned the museum. Also, the museum houses a Islamic art library, and a children’s library, where there’s a vast collection for continued learning.  Adjacent to the museum is also the MIA park for families to enjoy a playground area and cafes for lunch.

robaxin canada Doha Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar | Travel Blog by Mapping with Mandy

Doha Museum of Islamic Art | Mapping with Mandy

3) Doha Corniche

A walk along the Doha Corniche is a gorgeous way to spend a late evening, or early morning. I recommend either due to the eat. You can walk the promenade from West Bay from the Sheraton Hotel to the Museum of Islamic Art. You can grab an iced coffee, use one of the workout stations, take photos, and enjoy the view of the structural gems that align the Doha skyline.

Take a Walk along the Doha Corniche | Mapping with Mandy

4) Champagne Brunch & Beach at the Sheraton

What we know of brunch in the US, is not brunch in the Gulf. The hotels really do take brunch to the extreme. They food is a beautiful work of art. Some foods at buffets “look” appealing, but this not the same as buffet. The food at the Sheraton is very fanciful and delicious. Station options include meat carvings, cold appetizers, salads, cooked to order stations, a variety of cheeses, fruits and vegetables, and dessert stations with chocolate fountains and flowing bubbly. After brunch, visit the beach club and enjoy the refreshing pools, immaculate grounds, and order a smoothie at the beach. Depending on the time of year, the ocean can be very HOT, is full of salt and may irritate your skin. Personally, I enjoyed the pools more.

Doha Brunch at the Sheraton Hotel | Travel Blog by Mapping with Mandy


Doha Sheraton Beach

6) The Villaggio & Tea at the Torch

Shopping malls are huge in Middle Eastern countries. Doha does not disappoint. The Villaggio Mall is  one of the most beautiful malls I’ve been to, with murals painted on the ceiling, gondola rides, movie theaters, amusement parks, dining options and a separate wing for luxury brand items. The Villaggio’s look and feel is similar to that of The Forum Shops in Las Vegas. Be prepared to walk a lot and be tempted to spend money. Finally, after you’ve enjoyed shopping, a spectacular way to end the evening is at the top of The Torch, at the Torch Tea Room, where you can enjoy a traditional Arabic tea experience.


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